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Newest Book of Stories

"Nance Van Winckel’s artfully crafted linked stories read like a novel, and yet each one is a masterpiece on its own. Her prose is limber and surprising, and her depiction of the interior northwestern part of the United States is uncommonly accurate. From the cadence of her characters’ voices to the hot, dusty landscape, those of us who have called that part of the world home will nod in understanding and appreciation. Van Winckel’s Boneland offers a delicious escape with a powerful, understated truth running through it."
——Heather Sharfeddin, The Colorado Review

"The stories, set primarily in Spokane, Wash., and Montana, move backward and forward across time. Tracing the many connections -- actual and symbolic -- that wend their way throughout the collection gives the book a puzzle-like quality that lends itself to re-reading. In Boneland, Van Winckel has created a world where the past remains present and memory shapes the way we come to terms with loss." —High Country News