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"The soul of the West lives in Nance Van Winckel's work, manifest in strange ways that never fail to haunt me." —Diane Lefer, author of California Transit

A 99-year-old great-grandmother tells the story of a family filled with quirks, foibles and downright strangeness through a series of photographs and family memorabilia. The photographs are all captioned, some at great length, by the family matriarch. They describe life in Butte, Montana, surrounded by the great copper mines of the early 20th century, and, later, by the environmental devastation left behind when the mines failed.

Here, in 1999, as the town awaits the Y2K meltdown and a 'virgin birth' is apparently about to occur, Grandy hurries to divest herself of the secrets concerning both her good and bad contributions to Butte and her own descendants.

Just OUT! My novel in the form of a photograph album.